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Why go to Casa del Lauro (Laurel House)


Casa del Lauro, owned by the family Zaina, is a "place of memory", an old Friulian house that has remained unchanged over the centuries. It is located in Italy, in the Region
of Friuli Venezia Giulia, in Porpetto (UD), a charming village just off the motorway
Trieste - Venezia (A4 -- E70), taking the Porpetto-San Giorgio di Nogaro toll exit.

From here you can easily reach some of the most interesting places in the region:
Trieste 40 minutes by car;  Venice 1h30’ driving or 1h15' by train, (trains run every hour, departing from San Giorgio di Nogaro); Tolmezzo (access to the mountains) 50'; Cividale, ancient capital of Lombard, 45'; Ronchi Airport 40', etc.. It is an ideal starting point for either cultural tours or excursions in the countryside. Aquileia, third city of the Roman Empire is just half an hour drive away; it is full of Roman monuments and (perhaps even more interesting) of Paleochristian remains. In less than one hour you can drive to the golden beaches of Grado and Lignano. It takes only 50 minutes by car to reach Venzone, a place we recommend because one of the mummies  you can see in the local museum
is our ancestor.

The area near Porpetto is unique for practicing bird-watching: in Grado and Marano you find the northernmost lagoons of the entire Mediterranean,   therefore a favourite site for migratory birds passing and resting in autumn and spring. There are excellent and well equipped ornithological and wildlife parks. The coast of Trieste is also good to practice sea-watching, particularly in the marine reserve of Miramare.

The area is also ideal for cycling tours, as there is a network of bike paths and, even better, there are many quiet country roads with little traffic running through natural and unspoilt places.

Don’t forget the Friulian cuisine, true to its peasant origins, and the worldwide renowned wines (superb the white ones).

A short distance from Porpetto, on the Stella (Star) river, you can go canoeing in a well preserved and evocative scenery; the descent of the Stella river is  quite easy.
We can provide all kayaking equipment, for one person only, including transport of the canoe to/from the starting and final point of the descent.

In 30 minutes by car you get to the Karst, which combines a unique and characteristic environment and a recent and sad history. Most of the First World War battles between the Austrian and the Italian armies were fought here, in places that you can now access and visit following historical paths.

Archeology fans will be thrilled to discover the “castellieri” (castles of the Middle Bronze Age, not found outside the country) scattered in the Karst area as well as in the central plains of Friuli. We also recommend to visit the Neolithic village of Sammardenchia.

Even fans of speleology  can satisfy their interest, remember that in our region there are more than seven thousand caves between large and small, and many of these are visitable. Near Trieste is the largest cave open of the world, the Grotta Gigante (Giant Cave).

Moreover, we would like to mention the possibility of exploring religious itineraries. For example, you could take a tour of the Marian shrines , particularly interesting in our region (bordering areas under Protestant influence); furthermore visit the shrines of Barbana, Castelmonte and Lussari gives the occasion to see three very different areas: sea, hills, high mountains.

We can also organize, obviously in the more suitable season, a tour  of
some gardens, both public and private, very interesting and romantic.

  Finally, we mention a very curious and interesting tour (created by us) to the local cemeteries that have special features (historical, architectural, cultural, etc.).

When to go

We are always open except possibly short periods of closure of which we will notify you.


:We have four rooms: the room of Babà (the old uncle), with double bed, the Grandma's bedroom, with two single beds, the Cameròn (the large bedroom), with two single beds and the Dario's room, with double bed. Three rooms have exclusive bathroom. We can add a little bed for children. The access to Grandma's room is through the Cameròn room, therefore these two rooms are suitable only for guests who are relatives or friends.

What else

There is a large and leafy garden with a small fountain of fresh running water and a private parking space. On request, we would be pleased to organize visits and routes tailored to the guests' interests. We can rent to you some normal bicycles. A section of the house library offers over 800 volumes (including books and magazines) on artistic, historical and natural subjects which are related primarily to the region, but not only.